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black moncler jacketHaving worked in the field of diversitya and inclusion for over 20 years what I've learned so far is that at the deepest core each of us wants to be heard, to be valued, to belong and to give. When we experience this personally and professionally we can grow in ways we never imagined. Why don't we change that? Seriously. I think we can. Claustrophobia is an irrational fear, in that danger is perceived but not truly present. Deliberate exposure to the fearsome conditions with no adverse effect can help a claustrophobe come to terms with the fact that the danger is only perceived and the fear, therefore, unnecessary.. I mean at the very least you don't believe the bible and think they are wrong in holding such beliefs. Do you not realize that many are not hating on you, many are truly humble and don't see themselves as better than you but want to share with you something they believe will gain you ultimate joy/peace.

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