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moncler reviewI gathered strength from those people and my mail of them would have their phone numbers on there and I'd call them. So I'm calling them, and of course they'd think I was pranking them, and I'd say, 'Well, ask me something personal.'". The order was given early Tuesday afternoon and applies to the oil and gas field areas of Ojay, Grizzly South and Red Deer Creek."Right now our top priorities are just making sure that the area is clear," she said. "We do have a structure protection unit going up in hopes that it can provide some value to the camps in the area, and then our big concern is just making sure that it doesn't cross over to the Alberta side."The fire was first reported Sunday and is being blamed on a lightening strike, said Kelsh, who added the area is mostly forested.The regional district's evacuation order was issued because of what it called an "immediate danger to life safety," and it directs people to leave the area with their personal belongings immediately and to close and latch gates.Kelsh said 70 firefighters, five helicopters and four air tankers are battling the blaze."We do expect it to grow quite significantly in the next 24 hours just due to high winds and hot and dry temperatures," she said.A separate news release issued by the District of Tumbler Ridge said some of the workers are from a camp on Ojay Road.

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