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moncler fur hood puffer jacketTo explain it more clearly; pit two fans of a sports team against each other. One of the fans is pessimistic toward the Detroit Tigers, and the other is optimistic toward them. What happened at the Wankhede Stadium is being diluted by every other fabricated story about my character, except the truth of what happened." She claimed Wadia also threated her saying he could "make her disappear."ALSO READ: Preity Zinta: 5 low points of her lifeThe five year long Preity Zinta Ness Wadia relationship almost became one for the romance books with the actress putting aside career and staking her finances to focus on the relationship before it all went kaput in 2009.Since then they have maintained a professional relationship as coowners of KXIP, and neither has been known to seriously date another until Wadia starting seeing this dusky model actress. Sources in KXIP say arguments and bust ups between the two team owners are not uncommon with Preity herself mentioning another incident of bad behaviour on Wadia's part during a team auction.Special: Everything about Preity Zinta's controversial lifeOn the day of the match on May 30 which was also Ness Wadia's birthday, the long simmering resentments between the two erupted into an ugly and very public spat.

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