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moncler toddler jacketsAccording to a CyberMedia Research study, the smartphone segment grew 87 per cent to 11.2 million units in 2011 as against 6 million units in the previous year. On the other hand, feature phone shipments increased seven per cent to 172.2 million units in 2011 from 160.5 million units in 2010.Nokia retained its leadership position with 31 per cent share of the overall mobile phone segment, followed by Samsung at No 2 with 15 per cent and Micromax at No 3 with 5 per cent share in terms of sales (unit shipments) during 2011.The Finnish firm was also numero uno in the smartphones segment with a 38 per cent share, followed by Samsung with 28 per cent share in 2011. Her research interests and publications are in the field of gender, cultural diversity, social justice and schooling. She has published extensively in these areas.

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