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moncler jacket materialBarfoot and Thompson Commercial has launched its last Insite portfolio magazine for the year, departing from its traditional Auckland and Northland regional format to include listings from partner companies within the greater New Zealand Realtors network."This is our largest ever with over 60 pages of commercial property on offer across the entire country," says Barfoot and Thompson commercial manager John Urlich.Featuring prominently in the portfolio with Barfoot and Thompson are the commercial teams from Lodge in Hamilton, Tommys in Wellington and Property Brokers in both the North and South Islands.Urlich says the Realtors Network was established in 2006 and is a collection of real estate firms throughout the country that work together on a regular basis to feature commercial listings and service the needs of their commercial clients.The network includes 155 real estate offices and 2550 staff."From Northland to Invercargill, the members of the group specialise in both rural and commercial property," Urlich says."In this latest portfolio Barfoot and Thompson continues to cover Auckland and Northland; Lodge Real Estate, the Waikato; Property Brokers, the central North Island and the South Island; Tommys represents Wellington; Summit Real Estate, Nelson and Blenheim; Cowdys Christchurch; and Southern Wide covers Dunedin."Working as independents in their regions the members of the group have carved out enviable niches as local experts with most of their experienced commercial staff having long track records of completing transactions with Barfoot and Thompson."Barfoots features prominently in the portfolio with a diverse offering of properties from Auckland and Northland and Tommys has properties from the Wellington region.Urlich says commercial property activity has been buoyed by post election demand."We've had a healthy increase in inquiries since the recent election result which did a lot to reduce the typical fortnight of post election malaise seen in the past."As in the residential sector, we noticed an increase in commercial customer confidence within the first week with demand particularly for city investment property and development sites now at higher levels than we have seen in recent years."A feature Auckland property in the Insite publication, being marketed by Reese Barragar, has city frontages in Sale St and Cook St. The five level building at 68 Sale St is leased to the well established Screentime, which produces television shows and documentaries.The site has 1381sq m of land, two buildings, and two floors of car parking.The three level building at the rear at 109 Cook St has a mixture of tenancies and encompasses a lettable area of 1366sq m.

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