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moncler ski jacket womenIn: Ertl, T., Pressl, A., Kretschmer, F., and Haberl and R., 2nd international IWA Conference on Sewer Operation and Maintenance.Sewer Operation and Maintenance SOM 06, Vienna, Austria, (339 346). 26 28 October 2006.Journal of Chromatography A,1070 1 2: 131 136.Photooxidation of a reactive azo dye from the textile industry using UV/H2O2 technology: process optimization and kineticsSudarjanto, Gatut, Keller Lehmann, Beatrice and Keller, Jurg (2005) Photooxidation of a reactive azo dye from the textile industry using UV/H2O2 technology: process optimization and kinetics.Journal of Water and EnvironmentTechnology,3 1: 1 7.Preservation and simultaneous analysis of relevant soluble sulfur species in sewage samplesKeller Lehmann, B, Corrie, S, Ravn, R, Yuan, Z and Keller, J (2006).

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